[neomutt-devel] [Feature] Compose to sender

Guillaume Brogi gui-gui at netcourrier.com
Mon Sep 19 23:15:41 CEST 2016

> I just wanted to do a quick heads up.
> I didn't have time to try and do this last weekend and now I'm going to
> be swamped at least until the 15th or even until the end of the month,
> so if anyone wants this now, feel free to do it.

Good news. I finally took the time to add the feature. There was almost
no work required from the patch I provided at the beginning. It only
required checking for tagged messages and using 'rfc822_append' while
iterating over the list of messages instead of using 'rfc822_cpy_adr'.
You can test the feature in the devel/compose-to-sender branch.
Simply bind or call compose-sender.

I haven't written the documentation yet. Should I add it as a completely
new patch?

Two questions before I head off:
1. How can I compile neomutt with debug symbols? I tried setting CFLAGS,
   but that didn't do anything...
2. How can I send debug messages and errors? I didn't really look
   around, but it could have helped me understanding what was going on.


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