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Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Thu Oct 13 03:12:02 CEST 2016

Let's start with an explanation of the numbers.

When NeoMutt started Mutt was at v1.5.24 and I felt it was important to
pick a numbering scheme that couldn't be mistaken for Mutt's.
I picked a date as a distinct choice.

    NeoMutt 20161003 (1.7.0)

2016-10-03 (with/without the dashes) is the version number of NeoMutt.
It's the date of release (obviously).

1.7.0 is the latest stable version of Mutt that the code is based on.
It lets you know which upstream features you can expect.

> when does the version number of neomutt advance?
> or are we stuck with "1.7.0" until mutt updates?

Mutt-1.7.1 was released on Saturday (2016-10-08), but I've been steadily
merging all the commits from both stable and default.  So NeoMutt
already contains most of the new stuff.

A NeoMutt version based on 1.7.1 will be out on Friday evening.

While Mutt development is slow and "safe", I'll keep merging.

> would still be nice to identify the "build date".

Yes.  darnir added code to add a build suffix to the version. e.g.
    neomutt.20161003-14-43c5d (1.7.0)

NeoMutt Release: 20161003
Number of extra git commits: 14
Git commit hash: 43c5d
Unfortunately, it caused problems with configuration, building and
distribution.  I have some ideas of how to disentangle the version and
the build info.  It will return.

When it does, it will be for developers only, so it won't affect the
distros' builds (or version numbers).

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