[neomutt-devel] NeoMutt 2016-11-26

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Sat Nov 26 17:49:57 CET 2016

## Notes

- Compressed Folders are now supported in upstream Mutt
- Translations are being updated
- Header cache can have multiple backends
- New variables: 
  - $collapse_all -- control when threads are folded
  - $forward_references -- Keep MessageID of forwarded emails
  - $flag_safe -- Flagged messages cannot be deleted
  - $header_cache_backend -- select a backend at runtime
- New features:
  - '@' pattern modifier to limit matches to known aliases
  - <mark-message> binding to create "hotkeys" for messages

## Thanks

Many thanks to our new contributors: 

- André Berger (@hvkls)
- František Hájik
- Damien Riegel (@d-k-c)
- Serge Gebhardt (@sgeb)
- Thomas Adam (@thomasadam)
- Jack Stratton (@phroa)

and our regular contributors:

- Pietro Cerutti (@gahr)
- Tobias Angele (@toogley)

##  Features

- Upstream adoption of compress
- $forward_references includes References: header on forwards (@sgeb)
- Hooks: define hooks for startup and shutdown (@thomasadam)
- attach_format: add new %F placeholder (@d-k-c)
- Compose: add operation to rename an attachment (@d-k-c)
- Multiple hcache backends and run-time selection (@gahr)
- Add $collapse_all to close threads automatically (@gahr)

##  Bug Fixes

- Initialize imap_authenticate's return value to something meaningful (@gahr)
- Index in pager crash
- Tag with multiple labels
- Make sure gdbm's symbols are not resolved in QDBM's compatibility layer
- Fix crash when doing collapse_all on an empty folder
- Fix crash when browsing empty dir

##  Translations

- Update German translation (@hvkls)
- Update Slovak translation (František)
- Update French translation (@vinc17fr)
- Add English (British) translation
- Convert files to utf-8
- Mass tidy up of the translation messages

##  Docs

- fix entries for beep and new-mail-command (@phroa)
- <escape> and \e means refers to both alt and escape key (@toogley)
- new-mail bug is fixed
- add since date for features
- expand example command options for compress
- add a version number to the generated vimrc
- fix links in README
- don't use smart quotes in manual examples

##  Build

- Split hcache code into per-backend files (@gahr)
- Improve discovery for the Berkeley Database (@gahr)
- Implement mutt_strchrnul() (@gahr)
- Travis: test messages
- Add option to disable translation messages
- Doc/Makefile clean neomutt-syntax.vim
- Fix nntp/notmuch conditionals
- Rename vim-keybindings to vim-keys

##  Upstream

- Chain %d->%F->%f in the attachment menu
- Move mbox close-append logic inside mbox_close_mailbox()
- When $flag_safe is set, flagged messages cannot be deleted
- Adds the '@' pattern modifier to limit matches to known aliases
- Adds <mark-message> binding to create "hotkeys" for messages
- Updated requirement on the C compiler
- Fix mark-message translation and keybind menu
- More openssl1.1 fixes: remove uses of X509->name in debugging. (closes #3870)
- Don't close stderr when opening a tunnel. (closes #3726)
- Minor resource and error logic cleanup in tunnel_socket_open()
- Make sure that the output of X509_NAME_oneline is null-terminated

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