[neomutt-devel] Future Release (2016-11-25)

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Tue Nov 22 00:29:38 CET 2016

Coming soon...

# Feature: De-couple the hcache

- Pietro Cerutti (@gahr).
The code for the header cache (hcache) used to be deeply mixed with the
rest of Mutt's code.  Now, it's been split out and made uniform.

But that's just the beginning.

The new code will allow multiple hcache backends to be compiled in at
the same time.  This is particularly useful to distro packagers.
Now, they needn't pick one backend that will suit all their users.

# Feature: Compressed Mailbox Support

Yes, *we* have had this for nearly six months, but upstream have just
adopted it.  Another win for the NeoMutt project :-)

# Other Nuggets

- Thomas Adam (@thomasadam)
New hooks: startup-hook and shutdown-hook.
These in combination with the timeout-hook are very useful for Notmuch users.

- Damien Riegel (@d-k-c)
Allow the user to rename an attachment, not the on-disk file

- Pietro Cerutti (@gahr).
$collapse_all to close threads automatically

# Translations

We have three volunteers: André, Andy and Guillaume working on the
German and French translations.  Their work will take time, but each new
release should improve the experience.

More volunteers are needed.  Please help.

# Website

I'm adding more pages every week.
Some of the new pages will be clearly marked "Work in Progress", but I
think it's better to get something incomplete up, than nothing at all.

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