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I keep forgetting to replay to all recipients... Sry :D

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> To: "Kevin J. McCarthy" <kevin at 8t8.us>
> Date: November 5, 2016 at 2:08 PM
> Subject: Re: mutt's coding style
> Hey Kevin,
> > It's a 20+ year old code base.  I believe the indent invocation on that
> > wiki page was to give a guideline.  But given the variation in indent
> > versions and relatively small development community, strict enforcement
> > wasn't (and still isn't) the highest priority.
> What is your highest priority then?
> > I generally like the mutt coding style.  The changes I *personally*
> > would like to see would be the function invocation style (removing the
> > space before the parens), and using spaces for indentation (sorry, I'm
> > firmly in the "tabs must die" camp).
> I agree with that. I personally would also love an indentation with more spaces (at least 4, if not 8). That would make the endless streams of conditionals and loops spanning over 100 lines of code more visible and therefore would increase the motivation to refactor those. :D
> > As Rich discovered, the community is not too happy with an external
> > contributor driving this or posting a ginormous patch.
> > 
> > However, this has been discussed again recently, and is on my todo list
> > for 1.8 or 1.9.  I may start looking at this in December or January.
> nice :)
> > I haven't looked at clang-format, and am not familiar with the
> > differences between the linux style and mutt style.  Suggestions about a
> > clang-format starting point *would* be welcome.  If the tool works well,
> > I would have no problem using that as an enforced standard.
> If you want to follow our Discussion on that, i made an issue to organize the creation of those clang-format option sets[1]. That means, we are working/testing different option sets and will inform you if we found a suitable candidate.
> regards, 
> toogley
> [1]: https://github.com/neomutt/neomutt/issues/224

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