[neomutt-devel] limiting to attachments by kind

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Fri Dec 9 20:28:50 CET 2016

* Richard Russon <rich at flatcap.org> [2016-12-09 20:22]:
> > how to extend, though?
> >   ~X pdf          with at least one PDF
> >   ~X pdf ~X doc   with at least one PDF and at least one DOC
> >   ~X doc,pdf,zip  with at least one of DOC,PDF,ZIP each
> These seem a bit limited.
> It's little extra effort (in the code
> or the config) to make these regexes:
>     ~X \.pdf$
>     ~X \.pdf$ ~X \.doc$
>     ~X \.(doc|pdf|zip)$

sure.. regexp and all. yay.  but what do these match on?
i suppose you may be looking at the "filename=foobar.pdf".
however, some are "foo.pdf", some are "BAR.PDF".
and some PDFs do not end in ".pdf" at all. :-/

still.. even if people use silly filenames..
it would be a lot better matching on those.

i tried matching this with "~b 'filename=.*pdf'".
but this unfortunately does not seem to work at all. :-(


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