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Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Mon Dec 5 08:15:00 CET 2016

* Richard Russon <rich at flatcap.org> [2016-11-26 17:53]:
> - New features:
>   - <mark-message> binding to create "hotkeys" for messages

can you limit the view to messages with marks?
can the marks be made visible in the index?
maybe with an extra flag?
that would help even more. :)

apropos flags...

i would like to see folder indeces with *all* flags:

  index | flags        | date  | from/to         | subject
  12345 | *N!@DFSKLry3 | Dec05 | To NEOMUTT-LIST | Marks in folder index

so message #12345 has these flags:

  (*) is tagged (for use with tag-prefix)
  (N) is new (or "still new")
  (!) is marked as important
  (@) the message has a mark
  (D) is marked for deletion
  (F) was sent from myself
  (K) contains a crypto key
  (L) was sent via a maillist
  (S) has a *good* signature
  (3) has three attachments
  (r) has been replied to
  (y) contains a label

such a list of flags takes up a lot of space - 12 chars!
however, i am quite unhappy that some flags take the
position of other flags and thus "hide" information. :-/

and, yes, all those attributes (there are some more)
call for an option of how they should be displayed -
just like header lines and their order can be chosen.

however, such flags gives visibility to quite some information
which can help many users to understand (neo)mutt more easily.

when choice is available then you might drop the flags about
labels and marks, encryption+signature+keys, as well as
importance and "from-myself" and number of attachments,
saving eight characters.  "your mileage may vary."

but wouldnt it e nice if we could turn these on -
just to give an een better overview to some lists? :)

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