[neomutt-devel] X-Original-To

Pierre-Elliott Bécue becue at crans.org
Wed Aug 31 18:21:37 CEST 2016

Le mercredi 31 août 2016 à 12:47:22+0100, Richard Russon a écrit :
> Hi Pierre-Elliott,
> Welcome to NeoMutt!


> […]
> I've tidied a few minor things, see commit: 0afc1ec

That's fine.

> Next, please can you fill out the docs template that I've added:
>     doc/manual.xml.head -- look for <sect1 id="FEATURE-NAME">
>     doc/muttrc.reply-with-xorig
>     doc/vimrc.reply-with-xorig

Done, see commit: eabd75e.

> […]
> Also, would you like to announce your feature to the devel mailing list:
>     neomutt-devel at neomutt.org

With pleasure. Hey neomutt developers, I did a patch adding a config
parameter to fill From: header of a reply (simple, group or list) with the
first `X-Original-To:' content of the mail which one replies to.

It does not have precedence on reverse_name config parameter.

I'd be happy to answer any question.


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